Florida Apartment Political Action Committee

The Florida Apartment Association Apartment Political Action Committee ("APAC") is committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the state and local government levels.

For decades, APAC has helped to elect pro-multifamily industry candidates from across Florida. The purpose of APAC is simple: Raise funds to help elect candidates who understand and support our issues and interests. 


For additional information about the bylaws of APAC, click here.

How are APAC funds spent?

FAA Members Contribute to APAC

FAA members make personal and/or corporate contributions to APAC in several ways throughout the year. All contributions are pooled together to help elect or reelect local and state candidates who support the apartment industry.

The APAC BOD Budgets for Success

Each election cycle, the FAA government affairs team and the APAC Board of Directors (APAC BOD) prepare a budget to support candidates based on the industry’s strategic goals and regardless of political party. APAC has a track record of supporting winning candidates. During the 2020 election cycle alone, 94 percent of APAC-supported candidates won their election. 

The APAC BOD Oversees the Contribution Approval Process

The APAC BOD consists of a member representing each of the FAA's local affiliates, the FAA president, and the Legislative Committee chair. The APAC BOD meets at least three times a year and is responsible for election cycle budgeting, the candidate screening and endorsement process, and the approval of political contributions throughout the year as Florida’s political landscape evolves.

Bipartisan campaign contributions are prioritized by the APAC BOD based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: 

  1. Candidates who serve or will serve as committee chairs or in leadership positions for both political parties in the Florida House and Senate.

  2. Candidates who have demonstrated a willingness to work collaboratively with the apartment industry or who have a voting record that aligns with the industry’s positions on many issues.

  3. Strategic races or regions in the state where the FAA is making an effort to build stronger relationships with elected officials. 

APAC Disburses Campaign or Political Committee Contributions 

Upon approval from the APAC BOD, the FAA government affairs staff disburses APAC funds to local and state candidates from both political parties throughout the election cycle in accordance with the APAC budget and the industry’s strategic objectives. This process typically involves an in-person meeting with the candidate to discuss the policy issues that matter most to the apartment industry. 

A financially strong APAC ensures FAA and its local affiliates can continue to build strong relationships with candidates and elected officials at the local and state level. Ultimately, these relationships provide FAA members with a valuable seat at the table when public policy is being made locally or in the halls of the state Capitol in Tallahassee.